What is an infrared heater?



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    Infrared heaters have exploded in popularity recently. They can be found in airports, at stadiums, around businesses, and even in private homes.

    With the increased popularity of outdoor dining at restaurants and bars, infrared patio heaters are quickly becoming the preferred choice of people who are looking for the most efficient, high performing, and safe way to keep their customers and families warm.

    Whether through the cold winter months or just those chilly mornings and cool evenings, infrared lamps are the best choice to meet every indoor and outdoor heating need.

    electric infrared heater at resturant
    An electric infrared heater outside a restaurant

    Infrared Is the Right Choice

    When looking for heating solutions, it is important to keep in mind efficiency, cost, and safety. Compared to propane and gas heaters or electric space heaters, infrared lamps are the superior option in every category. While other heating alternatives must continually heat the air around them and are negatively affected by wind in outdoor settings, infrared heaters use light particles to project heat through wavelengths that directly heat the objects around them without heating the air in between – like the feel of the sun’s ray on skin – this means much less heat loss and far greater comfort. Sundear patio heaters and infrared lamps offer instant heat with 90% efficiency, exceeding what other heating sources can provide.

    Low Operating Costs Attract Buyers

    Infrared heating keeps costs low for consumers. They are cheaper both to operate and maintain. While gas and propane heaters require buying and refilling fuel tanks regularly, and purchasing multiple space heaters is necessary for heating even a medium size area, a single infrared lamp is powerful enough to do the work of several electric space heaters in a fraction of the time and without the need for an external fuel source. On top of the cost to operate, propane, gas, and electric space heaters have motors, fans, and other moving parts that will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. By comparison, infrared heaters use stable, reflective panels to emit infrared waves, dramatically reducing the need for expensive maintenance. The overall efficiency and reliability of Sundear heaters attract all types of buyer who value the cost savings of infrared heat.

    Safety Is Always a Priority

    Whether using an indoor or outdoor heater, it must be safe for everyone trying to stay warm. Unlike gas or propane heaters, infrared heaters don’t use any flammable fuels, making them safe to use around candles, fire pits, and other open flames. And, infrared heat does not give off harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide the way combustible fuel heaters do. Also, unlike electric space heaters whose red hot coils are a burn hazard, infrared heating panels never get hot enough to burn the skin if touched. When the safety of customers or family and friends is most important, the choice is quite clearly infrared heat.

    The Future Is Infrared

    As more and more businesses look to expand their operations to include outdoor areas for dinning, meetings, or gathering for events, the optimal choice of outdoor heating appliance becomes critical. A propane patio lamp that is inadequate to keep the customers at surrounding tables warm enough can cost a restaurant or bar the money from repeat patrons who decide to dine or drink elsewhere. Dozens of small, electric heaters scattered around a deck or outdoor waiting area creates a tripping and fire hazard for potential clients. Neither of these options is sufficient for the competitive economy of today or tomorrow. That is why consumers are switching from gas and electric to infrared.

    Whether they are looking for a heater to improve the outdoor dining experience of their bar or restaurant, or they are seeking a great way to make a home patio more comfortable year round, customers are turning to infrared heat solutions as the smart choice. And, for customers looking for the top of the line infrared heaters, Sundear is a leader in the field. With indoor and outdoor heater options, they have an infrared lamp or patio heater to meet any need. Whether buyers prioritize cost, efficiency, or safety, they are finding that the future is infrared. Step up from other heating sources and warm up to infrared heat.




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