Exinda Residential R290 Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump


R290 refrigerant can achieve a high water temperature of up to 75℃, meanwhile, heat pump installation is convenient and the original gas boiler system like radiators and water pipes can be kept, achieving integrated multi-heat source and energy-saving. With less CO2 emission, LET’S TAKE CARE OF OUR GREEN PLANET TOGETHER!

-DC Inverter Technology: higher COP and greatly saves electricity bills.
-Low Noise Mode: super quiet operation as low as 38dB(A).
-Smart Control System: intelligent display touch screen, remote diagnostics, and APP, available for various well-documented interfaces such as RS485 Modbus.
-Weather-dependent Curve: increase SCOP and keep at the optimum comfort level for customers, considerably saving energy.
-Anti-frozen and Intelligent Deforest Mode: Minimizes energy consumption and extend the lifespan of the heat pump, maintaining excellent performance in extremely cold areas.
-Safe Structure Inner Design: automatically monitor heat pump system and immediately trigger switches to avoid refrigerant gas leakage.