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We have been focused on infrared heating since 1988

Our product range includes infrared lamps & infrared heaters.


We provide OEM & ODM service for infrared heaters

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Well trained staff
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Sundear has experinced a lot of changes in the past 30 years and we take great pride in our growth.
What started as a small workshop in Heyuan City, Guangdong Province has become a world center for exceptional products.

We provide heating solutions for worldwide manufacturers. We are the GUANGDONG PROVINCE HIGH TECH COMPANY, and GUANGDONG ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH CENTER of far-infrared radiation devices with high-efficiency & energy-saving.

Our mission is to keep developing, innovating, and producing quality infrared heating products.

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Meet Our Team

sundear team

We strive to work together to achieve much more than we can achieve alone.

Together we overcome any setbacks and together we celebrate our successes.

Working at Sundear, we are happy together.

Working at Sundear, we are developing together.

Working at Sundear, we are growing together.

Join us for better products and better life.

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