Tornado Free Standing Heater
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Rainbow Electric Infrared Heater
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Star Wall Mounted Heater
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Volcano Outdoor Heater
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IRAS-PLUS 3000W Heater
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DS2000 Ceiling Heater
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SS-PLUS Patio Heater
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Welcome to Sundear

Since 1988, Sundear supplies heating accessories quartz tube for clients to help them improve the heating system on their products like oven, heater or furnace. After specializing in carbon infrared heating technology for more than 30 years, we’ve developed Sundear’s completed infrared heater product lines, including free-standing heater, hanging heater, wall-mounted heater, patio heater and so on. As a OEM / ODM factory, we always pursue product innovations and strict quality control, keep catching up the trending on electrical home appliance industry and continuously improve our heating products, which are now supplied to more than 500+ business all over the world, including numerous famous retail brand.

Sundear Core Advantages

Sundear Core Advantages

Product Customization Customization Process

Happy Distributors . About Sundear

“Sundear is experienced in the supply chain of electrric heaters. Their products are always quality, economical, innovative and trending, which brings more customers to my retail store. My customers love Sundear’s heaters. I am happy to make progress with Sundear together.”

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Tatyana Guera

“We have worked with Sundear for many years. The quality is more than acceptable and the staff is always helpful. We have also witnessed Sundear’s growth.”

Roberto E. Cristiá

“After working with Sundear for a few years, I can say that they have become a strategic supplier for our business. Excellent value for money.
Their staff is always friendly and very knowledgeable!”

Pablo Valentin
Carbon Fiber Infrared Heat

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Green & Healthy Lifestyle – Infrared Heaters Improve the Quality of Indoor and Outdoor Living
Infrared heating is the use of infrared radiation to heat the bodies in the immediate vicinity. Electromagnetic waves in the infrared spectrum can transmit thermal ...
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Infrared Heater Is the NR.1 Carbon Neutral Appliance Pushing the Retailing Industry to the Next Level
The outdoor lifestyle has become increasingly popular recently. With people spending so much time outside, infrared heaters came in hot as an intelligent and comfortable ...
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