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Infrared Heater Categories
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    Convector Heaters

    All-in-one convection heater enjoy comfort heating system. Quiet, easy control detached humidifer, full room heater. Customize to your heating needs with the adjustable thermostat and multiple heat settings. Carving out a comfortable zoom with this heater to your designated space to keep it cozy.

    Freestanding / Easy Install Wall Mount, Adjustable Thermostat, Timer, Eco-Energy Saving Mode, White, Slim Style with the most beautiful way to stay warm.

    Wall-Mounted Infrared Heaters

    The heater is designed for 3-in-1 usage and has excellent maneuverability. It can be easily installed on Wall, on Ceiling, and on Tripod, which offers the portability and flexibility to be assembled in any location.
    Perfect for indoor and outdoor living, for residential or commercial use. Create a comfortable and warm environment with 3s instant heating-up.
    3 heating power modes rated from 1200W to 3000W with remote control and 24 hours timer.
    Waterproof, durable, resistant to weather damage.

    Free Standing Heaters

    Halogen lamp is the perfect choice for patio, gazebo, garden, backyard, balcony or open-air restaurant. Increase temperature of surroundings within seconds in outdoor environment as well as save up to 50% energy consumption because of the advanced infrared carbon fiber tube technology.
    No any toxic fumes, harmful odors or chemical materials emitted. Totally carbon-neutral-oriented and environmentally-friendly. Ideal home appliance to improve living quality and enjoy green healthy outdoor life.
    Manufactured under strict quality standards and pass ETL certificate. Weatherproof and durable for years of outdoor use.

    Ceiling Heaters

    Easy assembly with chain and hook. Decorative design as lamp, function as a heater. Powerfully heating up with ultra-low glare.

    Stylish, Safe, Clean, Ecology-friendly. 
    No UV rays. No any harmful odors or toxic fumes.

    Weatherproof against dust, rain or snow, perfect for both home and outdoor use.

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