Top 5 Reasons Why the Demand of Patio Heater Has Kept Increasing Since COVID-19


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    Residential homes, restaurants, and corporate businesses continue to face new challenges as the days become shorter and the air becomes colder. As people proceed to transform their living space and businesses to get ready for the winter season, items like electric patio heaters have continued to increase in demand.

    In fact, according to Overstock, they’ve seen a significant increase in the sales of outdoor heaters. They’ve noted a spike of 1150% on sales of patio heaters in the Northwest, a 734% increase in sales in the West, and an 816% increase in sales in the southwest. On top of this, the market value for patio heaters is only set to increase with a growth percentage of 6.36%, according to Growth Insights.

    Whether it’s to increase revenue that most businesses such as restaurants, cafes, and attractions missed out on due to 2020, or it’s because of the increasing desire for families to increase the longevity of their outdoor environment, it’s clear that electric patio heater demand is only set to increase. In this post, we’ll talk through five reasons why we’ve seen such an increase in sales for electric patio heaters and why it’s only predicted to increase heading into the end of 2021.

    1.The Increase In Online Shopping

    When COVID-19 hit, shoppers began to change the way they shopped. No longer were people looking for items in supermarkets and malls, but rather through online retailers such as Amazon. While physical stores have now reopened, most people still prefer to shop online for the items they need.

    In fact, according to Digital Commerce, online retail sales increased 32.4% in 2020 based on a year over year, and in Q1 of 2021, they are already up 39%. Customers are now choosing to buy all of the items they need digitally, everything from home furnishings to electric patio heaters.

    2.Infrared Heat Protects Against COVID-19

    According to studies conducted by the CDC, coronavirus will survive for a shorter period of time when it’s exposed to higher temperatures rather than cooler environments. In environments where groups of people are meeting together, such as a restaurant, attraction, or even a backyard, or even keeping the windows open for an extended period of time, using electric patio heaters can instantly warm a room, both outdoors and indoors, while keeping everyone safe and healthy. 

    This is why electric patio heater demand has increased, as it ensures the same level of comfort that people are used to while also protecting them against COVID-19.

    3.Extends The Ability To Use Outdoor Space

    It’s no secret that some people are more affected by COVID-19 than others, and for this reason, they may not be able to spend as much time indoors in confined spaces around other people. 

    For those who still want to connect with other people around them and decrease the risk of contamination, using electric patio heaters allows them to extend their outdoor activities for a more extended period. Whether it’s because of a lack of comfort or even to avoid COVID-19, electric patio heaters allow people the chance to spend more time outdoors with other people.

    4.Environmentally Friendly Way to Add Warmth To An Indoor or Outdoor Space

    Due to the fact that it doesn’t actually burn gas or use toxic chemicals, electric patio heaters are not only an effective way to warm up a room against the cold weather, but also a better environmentally friendly choice. This low-cost alternative to outdoor gas heaters takes very little time to heat up a space, meaning that fewer resources are used to keep the area at an optimal temperature. As a result, electric patio heaters are an excellent option for those who are environmentally conscious or simply want to do their part in reducing COVID-19 contamination levels.

    5.Easy To Use and More Flexible Than A Gas Patio Heater

    One of the most important factors in choosing to buy an electric patio heater over a gas one is due to its simple and easy use. Customers can simply plug them into any standard outlet, turn them on using either a switch or remote control, and then place them anywhere they need around the outdoor room. 

    In addition, since there are no flames used with these heaters like you would find in traditional fireplaces and wood-burning stoves, even people who were concerned about being around hot fixtures will be able to safely use electric patio heaters without worry!

    Are Electric Patio Heaters A Good Investment?

    Not only are electric patio heaters a good investment for your home or business, but they’re also an easy purchase to make!

    Electric patio heaters can be found in many different shapes and forms, from small wallmount units that you can use on the wall or move everywhere you want,to larger models with multiple heating elements which allow you to adjust their levels as needed. So whether you’re a retail store looking for the right products to sell this fall and winter, or you want to incorporate electric patio heaters into your business model, choosing electric space heaters will be an excellent investment.

    Contact Sundear Heater Today to Order Your Electric Patio Heaters

    When it comes to heating up your indoor or outdoor space, you can’t go wrong with electric patio heaters. They’re easy to use and work quickly as they don’t need to wait for a flame to reach the desired temperature before emitting heat.

    With over 300,000 electric patio heaters sold so far in 2021 at our patio heater factory, and a daily output of 4,000 units per day, our team at Sundear Heater is ready to help you purchase the right electric patio heater for your needs as a large manufacturer or retail shop. If you want more information and to learn about our various electric patio heater options, contact us today!




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