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    Infrared heating is the use of infrared radiation to heat the bodies in the immediate vicinity. Electromagnetic waves in the infrared spectrum can transmit thermal energy directly to a target object. Infrared heaters use less energy, are handier, and are better for your health because they don’t heat the air around them. A comfortable, moisturizing heat is generated in it by using fuel or electricity.

    The wavelengths of electromagnetic waves in the infrared spectrum span from 780 nanometers (nm) to 1 micron. Shorter infrared wavelengths have higher frequencies and related energy than longer wavelengths. Infrared rays emit heat that ranges from hundreds of degrees Fahrenheit to 36000 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The heat produced by infrared heaters is similar to that of the sun. Infrared light is invisible to the human eye because it falls outside the visible spectrum. Infrared heaters generate heat by absorbing infrared light, which radiates into the environment. It’s warmer in direct sunshine than in shadow because the shade blocks most of the light. Infrared heaters in your home, like our natural huge outside heater, only warm the area right before them.

    Which Infrared Heater is best as an Outdoor Heater?

    It’s difficult to draw broad conclusions about infrared heaters because each one is unique. Electricity, natural gas, or propane can all be used to power infrared heaters. The maximum output, settings, and designs of different heaters will vary.

    All infrared heaters, however, have some advantages and disadvantages in common. A growing number of individuals are using them to heat their homes and places of business during the frigid winter months, making them an alternative to exploring.

    Infrared heat has been used in various healing traditions for a long time for an outdoor living healthy lifestyle, even if it seems counterintuitive (besides keeping you warm!). Far infrared heat is similar to the heat you experience on a warm summer day while outside. Infrared heat only heats objects, not the surrounding air. The heat rays are particularly well-absorbed by people who naturally radiate radiant heat.

    Infrared is used in various therapeutic therapies, including physiotherapy for pain alleviation. Many spas and gyms use infrared heat treatment nowadays. These are the top health benefits of using a gazebo heater in your home or workplace;

    1. Boost Immunity

    An infrared heater emits infrared radiation producing warm wavelengths that our bodies naturally absorb. Our capillaries will naturally expand due to the additional heat, increasing oxygenation, and red blood cell regeneration. They both play a critical role in removing toxins from our major organs.

    Our immune system is boosted by applying infrared radiation, which raises the quantity of white blood cells. According to some theories that veer slightly off course, infrared therapy may assist cancer patients. European countries are currently using infrared heat to treat certain types of cancer.

    High temperatures boost the body’s core temperature during “hyperthermia,” also known as “thermal therapy.” Because cancer does not appreciate heat, this treatment either kills or weakens the cancer cells in the body.

    Because of this, they are more vulnerable to conventional radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Depression and Lyme disease have both benefited from total body thermal radiation therapy. Medical specialists use a far infrared sauna or a bodysuit for thermal therapy, which is closely monitored and controlled.

    2. Better Cardiovascular Health

    According to research conducted by NASA, astronauts exposed to (far) infrared heat on the cardiovascular system while in outer space had healthy hearts. In other words, if NASA approves it, then so do we.

    There was also a significant improvement in blood vessel function in patients with diabetes, high cholesterol, and smoking if they used an infrared sauna regularly for an extended period.

    3. Better Blood Circulation

    The body’s capillaries are widened by infrared heat, resulting in better blood flow. When infrared heat is used, blood flow to muscles increases. Better blood flow helps in wound healing and muscle pain relief.

    4. Reduced Pain and Stiffness in the Joints

    Studies and trials in Japan and the United States have indicated that infrared treatment reduces “much of the stiffness, pains, and discomfort that come with aging.”

    5. Reduction of Allergy

    Convection heating is used in traditional heating systems to heat the air. Another flaw of conventional central heating is that hot air rises to the top of a room, dislodging dust and other irritants. This is especially useful for people who have trouble breathing because hot, dry air aggravates and dries them out.

    How Does an Infrared Heater Contribute to an Outdoor Living Healthy Lifestyle?

    These gazebo heaters don’t have the same impact on the indoor environment as other technologies. Humidity levels won’t be affected by warming up a space with an infrared heater. You will not notice any change in the oxygen content. You won’t have to deal with swollen sinuses or dry skin from other heaters. Static electricity is less of a concern when utilizing an infrared heater.

    A single infrared heater has a tremendous amount of power. Independent lab testing demonstrates that one heater can warm up a room up to 1,000 square feet in size. When necessary, larger models are available for use in even more expansive areas.

    Also, with infrared heaters, you get the same warmth you would from the sun. That means you may reap the benefits of natural sunlight without worrying about UV radiation’s harmful effects every day. Because most other heaters use fans to circulate air, you’ll breathe less dust and benefit from better blood circulation and instant warming from exposure to an infrared heater.

    The operational time you will observe in a standard infrared heater is above 20,000 hours, which shows that you’ll get years of warmth from the infrared quartz heating elements.

    The Bottom Line

    Based on the development of “carbon neutral,” infrared heater would be a fantastic home appliance to enhance life quality. Infrared electromagnetic radiation has been developed to harness thermal energy for the benefit of humans. Infrared waves transport thermal energy during infrared heating. They can be found in a wide range of frequencies. The higher frequencies and higher heating temperatures are associated with shorter wavelengths.

    Infrared heaters use radiation as their heat transfer medium. Unlike other heaters, infrared heaters don’t heat the air around them, which makes them a unique and valuable option. A heating element plus a reflective surface make up an infrared heater. An important factor in efficiency is the reflector.

    As a reliable electrical appliance manufacturer & supplier, SUNDEAR sells top-quality infrared heaters to all retailers, buyers, and dealers. Besides being in the industry for more than 30 years, they offer OEM/ODM services to retailers with advanced heating technology. Some of the distinctive selling points include but are not limited to:

    • The brand promises a perfect solution for both domestic and commercial use
    • Sundear adapts to modern trends as they ensures state-of-the-art heating technology and aesthetics which are important for customers
    • The appreciable pricing standards of the company make their heaters less expensive and more ecological as compared to the traditional heating solutions
    • They always make heating products after extensive research and testing; thanks to the R&D team and 500+ well-trained workers at the factory

    Selling an infrared heater could be a life-changing enhancement for your retailing business, so what are you waiting for? Contact us and get ready to grow your retailing business by joining SUNDEAR today!




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