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    The outdoor lifestyle has become increasingly popular recently. With people spending so much time outside, infrared heaters came in hot as an intelligent and comfortable heating solution. In addition, electrical heaters are trending for another significant reason – they are carbon neutral and aid the green environment efforts humans strive for. 

    As an electrical appliance manufacturer & supplier with more than 30 years of supply chain experience, we at Sundear decided to make a compelling list of benefits of infrared heaters. Below are the most important reasons why retail, furniture and electrical appliance, home & garden, and outdoor living supplies industries should invest in infrared heaters. 

    enjoy outdoor living with SUNDEAR infrared patio heater

    What Are Infrared Heaters, and How Do They Work?

    Traditional gas heaters heat the air, which then warms people. But Sundear’s infrared heaters use advanced innovative technology, providing carbon-free, intelligent solutions for our retailing business clients. The revolutionary thing with electrical heaters is that they produce instant heat that heats people and objects, not the air around them. 

    In essence, infrared heaters emit infrared radiation, creating instant warmth, unlike traditional gas heaters, which waste massive amounts of energy. What is worse, those have a devastating effect on the environment. 

    Infrared patio and gazebo heaters are the revolutionary outdoor living appliance the world desperately needs after the Covid-19 pandemic. Alongside being the perfect addition to home gardens and patios, infrared heaters helped save many businesses. After all, electric heaters are one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods to quickly heat open-space, draughty places. 

    comfortable and warm outdoor life with SUNDEAR infrared heaters, install infrared heaters at patio, gazebo, balcony, deck or backyard

    Benefits of Infrared Heaters 

    Many compelling reasons motivate eco-responsible business people to invest in electric heaters. Let’s go over the most important.

    Infrared Heaters Are Cost-Effective

    Many wrongfully assume that infrared heaters use more electricity compared to others. However, this is a myth. In fact, infrared heaters save energy since they utilize most of the electricity to heat. In addition, they are cost-efficient because they don’t lose heat during transmission. Especially since they are also excellent to use in many sectors, including health care, agriculture, and manufacturing. These heating appliances also come in handy to dry paint, for example. 

    Moreover, they present a safe heating solution compared to other heating devices. For example, infrared heaters need 40 percent less energy than other heating solutions to produce the same amount of comfortable warmth. 

    Infrared Heaters Are Safe and Environmentally-Friendly

    Humans are wired to be able to receive infrared heat, so they present a totally safe heating solution. Sundear’s heaters emit infrared radiation that heats people and objects via molecular agitation.

    In addition, these don’t get nearly as hot as heaters using electricity to provide warmth. 

    Infrared heaters are the environmentally safest heating solutions since they are carbon neutral and don’t release any GHG emissions. Therefore, retailers can reap the incredible benefits of infrared heaters since consumers are all about sustainable living.

    open-air restaurants use SUNDEAR wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted infrared heaters to warm up commercial space, offering a comfortable environment for customers

    Other benefits of infrared heaters:

    • Minimum maintenance

    • Quick heat recovery

    • Silent heat production

    • Comfortable and gentle heat production

    • No dry feeling heat

    The World’s Choice Infrared Heaters

    Sundear’s well-known carbon-free heating systems are cost-effective, high-efficient, and energy-saving solutions using groundbreaking infrared technology. Our OEM/ODM factory follows the latest instant heating trends for retailing and other sectors, supplying more than 500 businesses globally, including many famous brands. As the leading manufacturer of infrared heaters, we provide an extensive range of electric heaters for indoor and outdoor living. 

    Sundear’s low-energy infrared heaters designs: 

    Wall-Mounted Infrared Heaters with fantastic maneuverability, waterproof, and suitable to install on walls, ceilings, or tripods.

    Free Standing Heaters are weatherproof and excellent for gardens, open-air restaurants, patios, and balconies.

    Ceiling Heaters are easily assembled, decorative, and perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

    SUNDEAR product lines include full range of electric heaters: infrared lamps, patio heaters, wall-mounted heaters, free standing heaters and so on.

    Grow Your Business With Sundear

    Alongside supplying the most advanced infrared heaters on the market, Sundear also provides customized omnichannel marketing brand development strategies. The cooperation includes boosting sales and budget-saving tactics to ensure long-term business success. 

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