6 Factors To Consider When Importing Electric Patio Heaters From Factory


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    The patio, deck, or backyard provides people with the most comfortable place to enjoy their meals and entertain guests. But the weather does not remain conducive for such activities throughout the year. Depending on their region’s ambient temperatures, your end customers can choose a patio heater to enjoy their outdoor space to the max. It will allow them to continue to spend quality time with friends and family.

    Electric Patio heaters warm up their vicinity, and most models come with the option to move them around the house. An electric patio heater deploys the use of heat lamps that provide radiant heat and warm their nearby area. As these heaters run on electricity, they can easily be plugged into electrical outlets near outdoor living spaces. There is no need for a professional electrician for installation. And most importantly, they can be operated safely in enclosed or covered areas.

    Many people go with natural gas patio heaters thinking that they would use their existing natural gas line. Their primary thought is to compare gas with wood as fuels. Gas obviously gives a cleaner burn when compared with wood, and its maintenance is not as cumbersome. As soon as the decision is made, families realize that gas heaters demand a professional installation, leaving no scope for the heater’s mobility.

    Not only are the electric patio heaters more fuel-efficient, but they can also be moved without much hassle. All you need is an electric outlet. Thanks to the increasing number of electric appliances and digital devices, there is rarely a shortage of outlets around the house.

    Pros for electric patio heaters:

    • Efficient source of heat – Electric patio heaters is relatively inexpensive when it comes to energy input vs. heat output. They do not necessarily heat up the ambient air yet keep people in their vicinity warm.
    • Cost-effectiveness – It costs much less to run an electric heater versus a natural or propane gas heater.
    • Portable and mountable – Powered by electricity, these heaters are versatile in their application around the house.
    • No professional installation – Setting up an electric patio heater is as easy as putting the plug into an electrical outlet.
    • Stylish and trendy looks – Designers have used their imagination to develop several innovative designs for heater casing.
    • Affordable – Electric patio heaters are economical to buy and maintain.

    Outdoor electric patio heater type options 

    Before finalizing the import issues of an electric outdoor patio heater, you needs to quantify what’s end user’s heating needs. Typical questions asked by your potential customer would be – What area of their house can the patio heater heat? What is the capacity of the heater depending on area size? Does the target area need to be completely open or partially covered? You can supply your end customers with the following outdoor patio heater options:

    • Wall-mounted patio heater – A heater that can be fixed on the walls for safe operation. It is most suitable for homes with pets and children.
    • Hanging patio heater – Hanging heaters offer a lot of flexibility. They are portable and have a small footprint. If the family size is small, they may not want to install separate wall-mounted heaters around the house.
    • Tabletop patio heater – Tabletop heaters are most suitable for personal use or for smaller groups. They are small in size yet offer sufficient heating to make their vicinity comfortable. Customers can install multiple units for multiple tables situated in a larger area. These are ultra-portable and work great for outdoor dining setups.

    Patio heater capacity

    Your customers will ascertain their outdoor heating needs before making the purchase. You can provide them with several electric heater options to choose from. Primary consideration for patio heater size depends on its intended use and the size of space it will be used to heat. You may help customers figure out answers to their questions through the following points:

    • Space size – This is a no-brainer. Customers will need larger heaters for large spaces and vice versa. 
    • Space type – Is the space completely open? Intensive heating is needed. Is the space partially covered? Customers can choose a heater with lesser capacity. Is the area covered with glass or cascading? Customers can go for a small personal heater.
    • Space structure – Customer’s outdoor living space structure (Patio, Deck, or backyard) forms an essential component when it comes to making their heater efficient. Spaces may have different structures like a gazebo or a patio umbrella. They may also be located next to a brick wall. Such structures help retain heat for more extended periods. That being said, proper ventilation should always be ensured for safe operation.
    • Electric power availability –Electric patio heaters will need to be placed nearby an electrical power source to work.

    Electric Patio heater size

    Patio heaters are available in different sizes. As buyers import patio heaters, they may need to consider the heater size options before placing orders. Moreover, the heater size will also be a determining factor when loading the containers. International buyers should also keep in mind whether their chosen heater size will affect the cost of local delivery. Containers have bulk capacities hence the economies of scale can work out well up till the port of discharge. However, when the heater batches are dispatched to different distribution centers and then to stores, size plays an important role in pricing.

    Heater Heating elements options

    Depending on different heating needs, you can choose between different patio heater models. A heating element is the actual source of heat. Hence customers need to select the type of heating element carefully. The heating element (i.e., Infrared lamps) could be as essential as a halogen lamp. They are available in various materials, like Carbon fiber, Milly quartz, Gold halogen, and Amber.

    The throw range of modern electric patio heaters varies greatly depending on their element and construction materials.

    If you want in-depth knowledge about Infra-Red Lamps, click here.

    Estimated production lead times for imports

    Pandemic has wreaked havoc in several supply chains around the world. The electric patio heater industry is no different. The sales of outdoor heaters continue to skyrocket as people spend more time in their homes and extensively use their patios, decks, and backyards. Hence, the delivery times of all Chinese suppliers have been extended. As most sea routes are loaded with high traffic, the transport times are experiencing a stretch. To stay ahead of the competition, the international buyers should place their orders in advance. This will enable them to be ready with their electric patio heater range for their customers as soon as the winter season begins.

    Should you be worried about after-sales services?

    It is better to clarify the support services provided by sellers before you confirm your order to import electric patio heaters. Check for terms in your SLAs (Service Level Agreements) with the sellers. Also, check the warranty limits, which situations are covered and which are not. Check out Sundear electric patio heaters. We are a leading patio heater manufacturer from China. We offer an unmatched 2-year limited warranty. The patio heater factory provides a warranty that covers the quality of the product, not including damages. We are OEM patio heater manufacturers who even offer an exclusive 1% free replacement of main parts on their range of heaters.

    Factors to consider before importing electric patio heaters

    • A perfect product – Electric patio heaters clearly have the edge over wood-burning, propane gas, natural gas heating. They can be safely used under a roof, on the porch, in a tent or gazebo, on the deck, etc.
    • Rising market demand – It makes business sense to import electric heaters. The market size for electric heaters was $ 570 million in 2017. It is expected to cross $ 680 million in 2022.




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