How To Import Electric Infrared Outdoor Heaters From China To America


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    For a long time, China has been the go-to choice for importing goods, including electric infrared heaters. Not only can you find the best high-quality products by importing goods from China, but you can also find them at an affordable and attractive price.

    However, with importing any type of product, you’ll need to pay attention to many factors, including what kind of documents you need, shipping regulations, and tariffs to ensure that you get your products on time without incurring any hefty fines. Plus, depending on the size and weight of the infrared outdoor heater import you’re choosing, the items you need might change. In this article, we’re going to cover the steps you need to take to import electric infrared outdoor heaters from China to America.

    1.Find Quality Suppliers

    The heater manufacturer you choose will ultimately determine the quality of your electric infrared heaters and how easy it will be to get your product over to America. To find high-quality heater manufacturers, you have a few different options to choose from, including:

    Searching For Electronic Infrared Outdoor Heater Factories Online

    One of the simplest ways to find electric infrared heater manufacturers is by searching for them online. Often, you’ll find a simple search results page with the company’s name and their contact information to send an inquiry or request a quote if it seems like they have what you need.

    Make sure to thoroughly vet the company before committing to use them by reading through online reviews or asking for previous client referrals. This step is essential because not every business you find online will offer the quality you’re looking for.

    Find Factories Through Major Chinese B2B E-Commerce Platforms

    Another way to find electric infrared heaters is by finding factories through major B2B eCommerce platforms. These sites are often used for businesses that want to buy goods in bulk, so they usually have a good selection of electric heater manufacturers you can choose from if you’re looking to do the same!

    Many supply chains operate on these types of websites and will show users what products they offer as well as their prices, so it’s easy to pick out which electric heater manufacturer has exactly what your company needs without having to spend too much time searching each one individually. Plus, you’ll have tons of user-generated reviews that show the quality of the products and the experience other businesses have had using them. Websites like DHgate and Alibaba are popular e-commerce platforms used to find electric infrared heaters.

    Visit China Exhibitions In Person

    The best way to find electric infrared heaters is by visiting China exhibitions in person. This allows you to actually see and check electric outdoor heater manufacturers’ products, ask questions directly from their company representatives, and discuss any concerns or specifications that are important for your business.

    However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions, it’s not always realistic to hop on a plane and visit the factories yourself. Thankfully, there are other options to view these factories yourself, such as hiring a Chinese employee to visit for you or paying a third party to visit their industry and send a full report back to you.

    2.Evaluate Each Supplier

    Once you have a list of infrared heater import companies you want to work with, it’s necessary to evaluate each one to determine which is worth establishing a long-term relationship with. For example, you’ll want to understand information on the history of the manufacture and the factory scale. Some questions you might want to ask includes:

    • How long have they been in business?
    • How many employees do they have?
    • What is the maximum production your company can take on at one time?
    • What is the turn-around time when you place an order? (Remember, the average turn-around time is between 40-50 days for international orders)
    • What kind of quality control is implemented?
    • What are the R&D capabilities?

    It’s essential to gather this information on each potential vendor to see how they will fit your ultimate business goals. Not every heater manufacturer will be able to deliver the quantity of quality you might expect.

    3.Compare Each Supplier

    Once you’ve determined the suppliers you’re interested in potentially using, you’ll want to compare them based on different selection criteria to find the best electric infrared heaters. Some of the most important factors you may want to consider may include:

    • Production Capacity: If your electric heater manufacturer has a high electric infrared heaters production capacity, it will be able to handle high order volumes. This is essential to know, especially if you believe your business will grow and need the inventory to support this growth.
    • Quality Control: How does the electric heater company control its quality? Are there strict regulations and policies about product defects? Or do they produce a large quantity of electric infrared heaters that come out with varying levels of quality? If they cannot create a high-quality product and don’t have any quality control in place, you’re not guaranteed to have top-of-the-line infrared heater import.
    • Price: How much do electric infrared heaters cost from this electric heater manufacturer? What is your budget? While price is an essential factor, it’s important to remember to focus on the quality of the topic, not just scoring the best deal.
    • Communication: Does the infrared heater manufacturer understand what you need and your requirements? For example, suppose you need high-quality electric infrared heaters and set a very strict standard for quality control. In that case, the electric heater manufacturer you choose should be able to communicate with you on this level.

    4.Confirm Your Supplier And Finalize Details

    Once you’ve found electric heater manufacturers that meet your criteria, it’s time to finalize the agreement and confirm all of the details with them. This is one of the most crucial steps because it will determine how your product looks and the final result of your hard work. Some of the details you’ll want to finalize with your heater manufacturer of choice includes:

    Electric Infrared Heater Model

    Make sure to confirm the model type, the color you want, and the package design that you expect. Make sure to provide high-quality designs for the package design to ensure you get the best results.

    Loading Quantity

    Next, you’ll need to get the product packaging size with the supplier and confirm the final packing quantity to confirm how many need to be purchased for import.

    Safety Approval

    Is the heater approved by US safety certificates such as the ETL/cETL or UL? This is important to ensure you’re electric heater manufacturer is compliant with the US’s safety standards.


    Confirm the final price of electric infrared heaters and how they will be delivered (EXW or FOB). Make sure that all pricing details are clearly understood before signing an agreement.

    Final Delivery Time

    The final step is to ensure that your electric infrared heater will be delivered on schedule. Make sure to confirm the production and shipping timeline with your chosen supplier to ensure there are no issues or unmanaged expectations.

    5.Final Product Inspection

    Once electric infrared heaters have been ordered, it’s essential to go over the product and ensure you’re getting what you expected before they get shipped to America. This is another opportunity for communication errors to arise, so make sure any questions or concerns are addressed when finalizing the agreement with your electric heater manufacturer.

    You’ll either want to have your own inspection team check over the final product or hire a local third-party inspection team to do this process for you. During this inspection, your team should be checking to ensure that the product meets the standards you have set with the company, guarantee that the product is not defective, and determine if it can be shipped according to the international shipping regulations and rules in place.

    It’s essential not to skip this step because once it’s finalized and shipped over, it might be impossible to have the product fixed at that point without spending a ton of extra time and money.

    Once all of these details have been finalized and confirmed, then electric infrared heater order can be placed! Make sure that each step has been completed before moving forward, as this will help avoid unnecessary delays throughout the process.

    Contact Sundear Heater Today to Order Your Electric Infrared Outdoor Heaters

    It’s essential to choose a company that has your needs and requirements in mind. That’s why it can be hard to find electric heater manufacturers that will communicate clearly with you and ensure the quality of their electric outdoor infrared heaters meets your standards.

    When it comes to choosing the right heater manufacturer, Sundear Heater is a leading electric heater manufacturer from China that focuses on high-quality designs for electric infrared heaters at an affordable price point. We’ve been manufacturing electric heating products for years and have sold more than 300,000 heaters so far this year! With more than 4,000 units per day as our daily output, our team at Sundear Heater is ready to deliver the best electric infrared outdoor heaters for your needs as a large manufacturer or retail shop. If you want more information about our various electric infrared heater options, contact us today!




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