Infrared Heaters: Good or Bad For Health?


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    Covid-19 is a respiratory virus that has been spreading rapidly throughout the country. It’s so contagious that even people who are healthy and not doing anything strenuous can catch it. The best way to prevent covid-19? Stay home! But what about when you’re stuck at work, school or want to invite friends over? 

    Infrared heaters are one of the most effective ways to keep your body warm without spending money on gas or electricity. They do this by emitting infrared radiation, which warms up water molecules in the air around them, increasing their energy level. This process makes the molecules vibrate faster, and they release more heat – which happens because they have become excited from absorbing infrared light waves – thus creating very hot air pockets. In this article, we will discuss the benefits and potential downsides of using an infrared heater.

    Is Infrared Heat really Good or Harmful to the Human Body?

    Infrared heaters are a great source of warmth because infrared light waves are the only type of heatwave that penetrates clothing and skin, making them a very effective heat source. They do not cause static, and you don’t have to worry about dying from carbon monoxide poisoning. The only real “downside” is that infrared heaters, like sun-tanning beds, can be harmful to your eyes if used for too long without protective goggles. But as long as you use good sense, an infrared heater is a great way to stay warm both indoors and outdoors.

    Contrary to popular belief, infrared radiation is 100% natural. We experience its waves every time we go out on a sunny day. The main difference between natural infrared and the type that an infrared heater emits is that the latter is more substantial, making it more useful for heating purposes.

    Theoretically speaking, if we were to stay in an infrared-radiating environment every day, we would slowly accumulate damage over time. Fortunately, our bodies have a built-in “safety device” called melanin, which emits a minimal amount of heat and light when exposed to high levels of radiation – enough to reduce the cellular damage caused by ultraviolet rays from the sun infrared waves from heaters alike.

    Are Infrared Heaters Dangerous to Human Health?

    The short answer is no. Infrared heaters use infrared radiation, the same radiation that the sun emits. It is the heat that makes us feel warm and cozy while lying on the beach in summer. The most significant difference is that infrared heaters do not emit UV rays, which are the rays that give us sunburns.

    Infrared radiation is not harmful to humans because it cannot travel very far. It generates light only in the area closest to the source, which explains why standing just a few feet away from an infrared heater does not cause harm or discomfort.

    However, even if you feel perfectly fine after spending time near an infrared heater, there are precautions you should take before using one. According to doctors, pregnant women and people who suffer from heart problems should avoid getting too close to the heaters. These two groups of people are especially vulnerable to any radiation.  

    Is Infrared Heater Good for Human Health?

    Infrared heaters are good for human health because they emit the same waves as the sun without emitting UV rays. With infrared heating panels, you can be sure that your body won’t burn under its rays.

    Moreover, infrared heating panels are very effective at emitting warmth. In addition to the infrared heatwaves, they also emit a minimal amount of heat which is enough to keep your room warm and cozy.

    An infrared heater is a room heater that uses infrared rays instead of burning gas or electricity for heating. This is excellent news for people who have respiratory problems because an infrared heater does not emit any harmful substances such as carbon monoxide, soot particles, or other chemicals into the air around it. The only thing an infrared heater emits is water vapor from moist skin and clothes when you get near it.

    Infrared heaters also keep the humidity the same since they do not heat the air in a room. Thus, making one of the most significant benefits of an infrared heater, the fact that it stops the forming of mold and spores and preserves the excellent air quality in your house so you and your family can breathe easily.

    Can Infrared Heaters Help Kill COVID-19?

    High temperatures significantly reduce the transmission of COVID-19. While infrared heaters help keep the humidity at a constant level, they can also minimize COVID-19 transmission within the room. To better understand how infrared heaters help in this regard, you should know what causes COVID-19 to spread.

    COVID-19 is a strain of bacteria characterized by its ability to survive and transmit even when exposed to very high temperatures – up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius). Specifically, this bacterium can survive and retain 50% of its reproductive ability after exposure to 117 degrees Fahrenheit (47.2 degrees Celsius) for just one minute.

    The ability of infrared heaters to maintain a constant temperature makes them so effective at killing COVID-19. Considering that an infrared heater does not have any moving parts, it can emit the same amount of heat from start to finish – for as long as you need it.

    Purchase Your Infrared Heater Today

    Due to their reliability and cost-effectiveness, infrared heating panels are among the most commonly used early warning system against COVID 19. They do not emit harmful chemicals or gases, and they only leave water vapor when in use, which leaves you breathing fresh air all day long. Moreover, infrared heaters help maintain a constant temperature inside a room, which reduces the rate of transmission of airborne viruses such as COVID-19 around you and your family!

    Sundear is the leading manufacturer of infrared heaters, and we specialize in a full range of heaters for use indoors or out. Visit our website today to find the best options for your home, to start saving energy and living a healthier lifestyle!




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